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Campsite Information

Thank you for booking Foxcove for your forthcoming Camp / Event.

This booklet contains some information, which we hope will be useful for you during your stay. In addition, this booklet also contains the site rules. We would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes at the start of your stay ensuring that all members of your party are familiar with these.



The Warden or a member of the Foxcove Team will normally meet you on your arrival at the site (unless otherwise arranged, or be in contact before).


If you have hired the HQ Building, the Warden or a Member of the Foxcove Team will give you the keys when they meet you and you will be shown around or given further information required on use of the building, without them being present.

Please note that the building is self-catering and you will need to supply your own cleaning materials etc. On completion of your booking, the Checklist displayed in the building should be complied with and the building left clean and tidy ready for use by the next group.


You will be shown where you are camping either as previously agreed or as deemed by the Warden. This could be done via a map of the site, where the warden isn’t available.


Water points are positioned throughout the campsite and, as the water supply is metered it is requested that campers co-operate by turning the taps off after use.

Washing up at the Taps is permitted.


In the interest of safety no vehicles are allowed on the grassed areas. All vehicles and trailers must be parked in the Car Park at all times.

Parking is not permitted on the grassed areas of the campsite.

There is a 5mph Speed Limit throughout the site.

Access and departure is by a long single track with a few passing places and a number of blind spot, it collimates in a stretch across private land.



Please bring your own wood if you wish to have a fire.

As there is a woodpile on site and is topped on a regular basic up this is not guaranteed. Please instruct your group not to climb on the woodpile – some of the wood may contain nails or sharp splinters.

If it is your intention to cook on Altar Fires, please note that you may want to bring your own supply but a limited supply is available at the local shop in Wembury or the local supermarket. At the end of your stay, all unused firewood should be returned to the woodpile.  

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE UNUSED FIREWOOD NEAR YOUR VACATED SITE (it may seem to be a kind gesture to leave a pile of firewood near your vacated site for the use of future campers, but experience shows this is not used. This then forms an eyesore and hazard on the site). No trees of any description may be cut or felled without express permission of the Warden.


The Site Warden or a member of the Foxcove Team will inspect that you have cleaned the building in accordance with the checklist displayed in the hut.

Camper’s sites will also be inspected to see that the area has been left clean and tidy.


You are welcome to use fires to cook on but you must NOT dig out fireplaces in the ground. Either bring your own altar fires, or use the ones on site (Please leave them as you found them). Clean and rubbish free.

Groups are asked to ensure that fires are supervised at all times and that they provide their own Fire Buckets, Blankets etc.

There is a Campfire Circle on the site, which is the only location ground fires are permitted. This can be booked through the Bookings Secretary for evening / day users. It is normal protocol for groups camping to co-ordinate use of this facility between them.


There is no pay phone on site.


There is no internet at the site.


There is NO refuse collection service from the campsite. Please therefore ensure that all rubbish is put into Sacks and taken away with yourselves or burnt in the waste disposal area. This needs to be left in a clean state and emptied and if deemed not then a £40 cleaning free will be charged.


There is a toilet block located in the middle of the site. The toilet block includes: –

Gents: – 2 Toilets, 1 shower and 3 Sinks

Ladies: – 2 Toilets,1 shower and 3 Sinks

Limited Lighting is provided in the toilet block but it can still be quite dark inside due to the nature of the block.

It is your responsibility to keep the toilets clean. We do our best to provide Toilet Paper and Soap but as the site is managed entirely by volunteers this is not always possible so campers are advised to bring their own emergency supplies.


Payment of Camp Fees must be made in full to the Campsite Warden or a member of the Foxcove Team before leaving the site, unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Bookings Administrator at the time of booking.

Anyone failing to settle their bill before departure will be charged a late payment fee of £15 plus interest at 5% per week or part thereof. Invoice terms are strictly 14 days – invoices not settled within 14 days will have a late payment fee of £15 added to them plus interest at 5% per week or part thereof.



In the interest of safety no vehicles are allowed on the grassed areas.

This is to be issued to and understood by all drivers, parents and leaders before visiting the

campsite,and by those appointed to direct traffic.

Please minimise the number of vehicles using the approach track. Car sharing is to be

Encouraged when planning your event as this will assist in avoiding congestion of traffic.

All vehicle parking, turning and unloading/loading must take place in the designated area provided

within the Foxcove site.

Loading, unloading and turning at the “Y” junction is only to take place under supervision

should stay with their vehicles. Ensure that adequate access for farm machinery, cars, and

emergency services is available at all times.


The digging of pits of any kind is not permitted on the site. This includes fireplaces, wet pits, rubbish pits, etc. Instead of a wet pit, we suggest you use a plastic sack with holes punched into it, held up on a simple frame.


Out of consideration for our Neighbours and other people using the site please avoid making unnecessary noise before 07.00 and after 23.00


No pets of any description are allowed on the campsite.

The only dogs permitted are registered guide dogs for the visually impaired.


To be filled in at later date.


It is the responsibility of all users to provide their own First Aider, First Aid kits and to maintain their own Accident Books.

Details of all accidents involving injury to persons or damage to property should also be reported to the Site Warden or a member of the Foxcove Team as soon as possible.


The use of Chainsaws on site is not permitted.


Any adult (18 or over) who is staying on the campsite overnight must have a valid CRB check from the organisation they are representing.

All users must observe and follow the Scout Association’s Child Protection Policy “Young People First” at all times, regardless of the organisation they are representing. This policy can be found at:-


No alcohol may be consumed by those under the age of 18 on the site at any time.

Adults (18 or over) may consume alcohol on their individual sites with the permission of their party leader but must follow the Scout Association’s Alcohol policy at all times, regardless of the organisation they are representing. The policy can be found at :-


Illegal Substances are not allowed on site.


Smoking by those under the age of 18 is forbidden. For the comfort, health and safety of all concerned, smoking is forbidden during any activities run by Foxcove. Those over 18 may smoke within their own camping areas but must follow the Scout Association’s Smoking Policy at all times, regardless of the organization to which they belong. The Policy can be found at :-

Smoking is not permitted in the HQ Building at any time. Code of Practice.

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